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Quick Tips to Keep Your Gums and Oral Health in Top Shape

Quick Tips to Keep Your Gums and Oral Health in Top Shape

Do you know that the health of your gums can affect your overall well-being? If you’re brushing (and flossing, of course, 😉) twice a day, that’s a great start, but to keep your teeth looking great, you should consider how you care for their base: your gums.

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Gum disease starts slowly with plaque buildup around your teeth at the gumline. Without care, an infection can begin and cause teeth to be compromised, resulting in the risk of tooth loss. Each time you visit your hygienist, they’ll do an exam and periodically test your pocket depth. That’s a measurement to tell Dr. Yap and Dr. Chen how healthy your gums are and if you need to add steps to your gum care (and oral hygiene) routines.

Here are some tips to help you reduce that possibility:
– Pay attention to your gums when you brush your teeth and use a soft-bristled toothbrush (even if it is electric).
Our hygienists are happy to give you a quick refresher on gently brushing your gums. Ask them for their floss recommendations for your specific situation, and what additional products you should use to reduce the risk of inflammation. They’re also ready to demonstrate the best way to position your toothbrush on your gumline to maximize your efforts and remove plaque and debris.

– Floss every day.
Honestly, this can make a big difference in your oral health. It not only gives you a chance to remove prominent pieces of food but also allows you to track any changes to your teeth. It seems simple, but over time, the results build your gums into a stronger support system. You also reduce the chance for existing plaque to harden into tartar and cause more challenges for you.

– Schedule your hygiene appointments today- we want you AND your teeth to stay healthy! Get more tips on keeping your gums healthy here.
We’re booking now and have times available to fit your schedule. Call Terryl or Brenda today to make an appointment and prepare your smile for the holidays!

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